A tumblelog created to appreciate the fabulousness of Raja, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 contestant. Model. Designer. Performer. This blog also features the man behind Raja, LA based make-up artist Sutan Amrull.

This is just a fansite and is not affiliated with Raja in any way! If you have messages you can tweet her directly to @sutanamrull :)

Vintage Raja

(Submitted by Rocky)


Raja - Haters Gonna Hate lol

daraxpon asked: Oh my! I just finished watching this AWESOME blog... and I'm in LOVE with it <3!!! I LOVE Raja <3!!! And I've liked almost all posts xDDD Thank you for this blog <3!

Thank youuuu! Glad you found your way to this blog <3


Met Raja at Micky’s last night… She even touched my crotch! Stunningly beautiful and TALL Heather. Kyaaaaaaa!

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