A tumblelog created to appreciate the fabulousness of Raja, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 contestant. Model. Designer. Performer. This blog also features the man behind Raja, LA based make-up artist Sutan Amrull.

This is just a fansite and is not affiliated with Raja in any way! If you have messages you can tweet her directly to @sutanamrull :)


The Heathers invade Las Vegas

sapphrikah : LOL I didn’t even notice Carmen’s third hand, I was busy thinking that her legs aren’t that slim. Those don’t look like hers! It’s amusing though, I simply thought it’s a manip someone posted for fun :)

thatbitchsarah : OMG I know, right? I loved it too! I was literally ‘aww’ing when I saw that moment. Stacy was adorable with her big smile after Raja put the necklace on her “yay, I’m a Heather!”. And yes, all the Heathers looked great! I LOOOVE Raja’s make-up, and that outfit is fierce. Yeah, Shangela’s makeup :( she looked better in season 2’s reunion episode.



pleasedontwaterboardme THIS IS SICKENING.

Pool party - Heathers style

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