A tumblelog created to appreciate the fabulousness of Raja, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 contestant. Model. Designer. Performer. This blog also features the man behind Raja, LA based make-up artist Sutan Amrull.

This is just a fansite and is not affiliated with Raja in any way! If you have messages you can tweet her directly to @sutanamrull :)

mahou-shounen-nick asked: Does Sutan/Raja have a Facebook page? I've heard her make reference to one, but Facebook search doesn't bring anything up for me :/

Yes! This is her official fanpage on facebook :
http://www.facebook.com/RajaOfficial (like it!)

She goes by ‘Raja Gemini’ on there because facebook required her to enter a last name for the fanpage. Sutan has a facebook page but he’s keeping it private for family and friends :)


Betty Paige Realness

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Raja’s outfit from the reunion episode

nihaomao : Manila actually mentioned about a Heathers tour (in this interview). Though they live in different states, they have met several times since RPDR filming was over and they also performed together (or at least are featured in the same show) in some cities (LA, New York, Vegas). Together or not, I hope we can see more of them in the future :)

newpurse : She actually mentioned in interviews (like this one or this one) that first off she’ll use it to pay bills (drag is expensive!), do some traveling, and of course there are projects she wants work on (probably something within design), so let’s see what she’ll come up with! (Oh, and it’s Sutan :p)

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