A tumblelog created to appreciate the fabulousness of Raja, RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 contestant. Model. Designer. Performer. This blog also features the man behind Raja, LA based make-up artist Sutan Amrull.

This is just a fansite and is not affiliated with Raja in any way! If you have messages you can tweet her directly to @sutanamrull :)

guilloteen : Yes I saw! (I was at work FML)

greengirlgret : You got to meet her, awesome! :)

quietlyoutgoing : Yes, OMG! Thanks for letting me know. I saw your comment first then check twitter lol, I was at work.

Longtime followers might have noticed how I don’t really update lately, and I apologize. I was jobless when I started this blog, but now with a full time job + other things, mostly I’m too tired to make gifs/edit pics and to focus on updating the blog. But I’ll try to update more!

In the mean time you all should also follow fuckyeahraja if you haven’t already. They are awesome :)


My new video of Raja doing his new song ‘Diamond Crowned Queen’ check it out. also starring Raven, Mario Diaz, and Tommy Joe Ratliff! 

Raja rockin’ Chris Habana's Hexagon and Triangle Plate Cuff, Hoised Bone Earrings

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